Friday, December 26, 2008

… but then it’s a cruel world.

One of the most famous elegies ever written was" Elegy in a Country Churchyard" by the English poet Thomas Gray. Legend says as the poet wandered through a graveyard at twilight, he ruminated on the meaning of life, the toil of those who achieve and those who don't, the mockery of ambition, the struggle of both the poor and the rich to be happy, and, eventually, what difference it all makes for those whose heads rest "upon the lap of Earth". Not much, gray decided: simple joys are forever gone; destiny is obscured, secure notion of morality up in thin air.

Just pondering maybe we should write an elegy for everyday that has slipped through our lives unnoticed and unappreciated. Better still, we should write a song of thanksgiving for all days that remain.

Sometimes we are aware of the poet/artist/lover/philosopher/whoever who dwells within us and registers very precious moment of our lives. More often, however, we move through our days in a fog or a frenzy - until we're startled into consciousness by an unforeseen threat to something that we hold dear and have been taking granted for. Through the mystical alchemy of grace and thanksgiving, what might have become an elegy is transformed into exultation.

Today a new sun has risen for me : everything lives, everything is animated, everything seems to speak to me of my passion, everything invites me to cherish it. that essentially what i look for in very single person I ever get out to meet.

Watching Nature Spin Her Mysteries

The state is interesting with lots of history to walk past. lovey forts built along the beachline, gee they seem so romantic, just imaging all that must have transpired within those walls. We camped one night on the rocks along the beach ... watched silhouettes of dolphins spring in arcs across twilight.... i was almost jumping with joy!! Was a moment to cherish.

While walking back from the beach one day to catch the bus… a good two kilometer walk... the sky is turning a dark blue as dusk prepares to descend. At the far end of the pond, a mother duck is holding swimming lessons for her two little ducklings. it seemed serious business. She paddles along without effort, slowly swanning herself in large arcs. The ducklings paddle furiously behind, trying to keep up with each other and with her. She stops, they stop. She starts, they start. She turns and heads back. They follow and move to the other side of the pond and they are still watching something.

At the other end of the pond was another mama. And this one was on to std ll lessons. She swooped into the water, and disappeared. The water rings into a series of concentric ripples around here; and at the centre is one very puzzled baby duck. After a very long moment, when even I begin to worry about mama duck's need for oxygen, she surfaces. Her baby sights her and zooms up to her with the speed of a rocket. A moment of closeness follows as feathers touch and mama lets her duckling nestle up. Then she moves away and is gone again. Repeat session. Again she emerges and the little rocket zooms in. is she teaching him that the water is safe to go under, or is she fishing for their dinner? It is tooo dark to see. But mama duck number one can see in this light, and thinks the time is right for her advanced course. so, start of lesson number two on the eastern side of the pond. Soon there are two rockets zooming in to mama, as she dives and emerges, dives and emerges.

Nature has its program’s pre-set, and I am sure it won’t be long before the three little ducklings are doing their own bit of diving, and enjoying it too. Oh life is so wonderful indeed!!!